Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just A Day In The Army

So this past week I was in CLS class (Combat Life Saver)'s basically teaching you how to act or try and save your battle buddies lives while in 2 out of the 4 days were we doing this class were actually in class..the other 2 were in different senerios on what would happen in battle and I had to treat a casualty (maniquinn) that had was pretty easy but the senerio was real!.. I haven't been deployed yet so it was kind of a surprise when I walked in the room and saw how real it looked. Anyway the last day of the class we had to treat a casualty in an obstacle course..OMG!!.that was the hardest thing I think I've done since I've been in the military..the maniquinn weighed like 250lbs..and it was me and 3 other people carrying was soo hard..we had to crawl through a tunnel, go through a trench, climb over a hill, cross a wall, and crawl under bob wire!! was fun but extremely hard!..WE MADE IT THO!! it was worth's a picture of what I looked like after it was all over with!!

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